Good beef, starts with good food for the animal, which in turn, need good soil to grow in:

Our soils are very important to us. We look after them, and don’t pollute them with chemicals and artificial fertilisers, we test them regularly to make sure they are OK. We feed them with natural manures and minerals, we don’t grow maize, nor do we repeatedly plough and plough, destroying in all important fungi that live in the soil and deliver nutrients to the plants.

Our beef animals are born on the farm, some live with their mothers, some live in small groups of calves, they always have real milk, not powdered. We keep them on milk for several months, along with hay and a small amount of home grown oats.

As they get older, they move on to bigger yards, or into a field (depending on the time of year) they are NEVER housed on slats with no bedding to lie on. They are NEVER intensively fed to fatten them up quicker.

TASTE TAKES TIME!! The old adage ‘ good things come to those who wait’ is true of many things, but definitely food.

When they are ready for slaughter, they are taken by us, in our trailer to our local abattoir, less than 15 minutes journey. We personally, see them off the trailer and into the yard. Animals need to handled carefully and not stressed, it is important to be quiet with them. The abattoir I use is small and not noisy.

I collect the carcass a week or two later and deliver it to my butcher, where it is cut and packed to my requirements.

Finally, the best part: The eating- Savour your food, enjoy it, eat slowly, don’t waste anything, it has taken a long time to get on your plate.