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2 Litre carton milk


(2 customer reviews)

Fresh raw milk, just filtered and chilled.

Bottled fresh on the day.



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2 reviews for 2 Litre carton milk

  1. Peter Brown

    This milk has a beautifully rich and creamy taste. It is also surprising how long this milk lasts in the fridge – I presume this is due to that fact that enzymes that protect against spoiling have not been destroyed by pasteurisation.

  2. T Moore

    The produce from this farm are organic in the true sense of the word. The taste is unbelievable and I think that the health benefits of consuming raw milk have been proved many times. Abandon the multi national supermarket selling milk from all over Europe and support ethical local business such as this. Real Raw milk has taken Jaynes cheese stand in Nantwich. Go there.

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