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Kefir Milk 1 litre bottle


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Given the current situation I am sure you are all thinking about how to keep yourselves well.
Making sure you are in good health is especially important when your immune system could be under attack.
Our main line of defense is a healthy population of good bacteria.
Our raw milk kefir is just the thing. Packed with a wide range of gut friendly bacteria and yeasts, your gut will love you for it.
Other fermented foods you can try are:
Kombucha and
Things to avoid, are processed foods and the biggest baddest of them all,  SUGAR.
Covid19 is a virus and can be beaten, if we help our bodies to do so.


1 litre bottle

For Information why to buy our milk over supermarkets, please click here

1 review for Kefir Milk 1 litre bottle

  1. lynn howard (verified owner)

    Excellent flavour – arrived as advised – keeps in fridge for 2 weeks as stated

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