Exploding Kefir!

Our kefir is made with fresh raw milk from our cows. I recently made a rather potent batch of it!

Kefir is fantastic stuff, however, it can sometimes get a little bit fizzy. Don’t be put off. This is good, although it can be quite sharp to the taste. Rest assured your good bacteria load is heavy!

So, for those that don’t know:

Kefir is a fermented milk drink.

It is made by putting Kefir ‘grains’ with warm milk.

The bacteria in the grains consume the lactose in the milk

The PH goes down and it ferments

IF EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET, DRANK IT…………………….. a large portion of the population would not need to visit doctors and hospitals. You would feel great.

But……………..because the effects of drinking kefir may never be visible, it is hard for some people to see the point in taking it. All I can say to those people is persevere, believe in yourself, listen to your body, the effects of NOT drinking it could be profound.

Did you know-

Kefir can be applied topically. experiment with it, it won’t harm you, you may be surprised at the results

Dogs can benefit from drinking it. Your dog is a wolf at heart. It was never meant to eat carrots or cereal!!

We even have a customer who feeds it to her horse!

Kind Regards

Lucy Hollinshead