Why should you buy our milk over supermarket milk?


  • Traceability – we can show you the cows that gave the milk. Supermarkets can’t.
  • Fresh – our milk is bottled fresh daily, unlike supermarkets that is up to 3 days old.
  • Taste – well, it does taste so much nicer! Try some.
  • Farmer-friendly – this may seem irrelevant. However, if we stay in business, the land we look after will be farmed with thought for the flora and fauna.
  • Bacteria – all the good one’s remain within the milk, they are not destroyed by pasteurisation.
  • Enzymes – all in the milk, not destroyed by pasteurisation.
  • Quality – our cows are not fed, to push them to produce huge yields, therefore their yield is low and quality increases.
  • Fresh air – another obvious one you would think. However, a large portion of today’s cows are kept inside all year round and are fed preserved feed and bought in concentrates all year round. Our cows eat grass from the fields in the summer and preserved grass in the winter. A small amount of grain whilst they are being milked – and that is it!
  • Andrew – his knowledge has helped dozens of customers overcome IBS, Colitis, bloating etc etc
  • Chat – supermarkets have customer service. We have Andrew!

If you have any more questions, please email lucy@realrawmilk.co.uk


Thank you!